What time should I be there? No later than 7:00am

What is all included in the price of my ticket?
Golf, breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages that includes water, pop and beer.

50/50? $1 a ticket or $5 for arms length

Skins Game? $20.00/team

Mulligans? $5.00/each

Basket Raffle? We will raffle off baskets to raise money. $1 a ticket or $5 for 6

Breakfast? Bagels, Donuts, Apples, Bananas

Lunch? The course will provide your choice of a hot dog or sausage and a bag of chips. I will also have a vegitarian option. If you are a vegitarian, please call the clubhouse when you are on two holes away from the turn. #7 or #16. This way they can prepare your request.

Dinner? Yep, dinner will be provided at the end of your round.

Drinks are INCLUDED? YES! Water, pop and BEER will be provided.

Will there be jello shots/"breakfast fruit"? Yes, Kimi always makes something delicious made with alchohol!

Will I have a great time? YES! Be ready for a great day on the course to celebrate Matt's life and raise some money for a great cause!